The week in review

Luckily I am not as lazy about running as I have been about posting to this blog!

lazy dog

Do not fear blog readers, what I lack in quantity, I will make up for in quality, because as you can see, I have learned how to insert gifs. Things just got much more exciting here in blogland.


In running news: I managed 4 runs last week! Here are some stats:

Total Distance: 13.63

Longest Distance: 5.8 miles

Average Pace Per Mile: 9:26

Shortest/Most Hungover Run: 1.18 miles


I am pretty proud of myself for managing four runs, even if one was kind of cheating. My hope is to keep consistent with 4-5 runs per week.


The reason I was hungover on Friday was because I went to Chicago to see my friend Jessie’s awesome band’s live show!  They are called all boy/all girl and they just finished a tour of the Midwest. I’m not the greatest at describing music, but I guess they are kind of an Indie Pop group- they feature a great combo of musicians, including a bass, ukulele, and strings on top of the usual guitar and drums. I have been listening to and loving their album since it was released, but  seeing them live was a whole different experience- they are so fun and alive on stage.

Wine bottles were half-priced at the venue, and I may or may not have split two bottles of wine with one other person. I get hangovers like crazy, despite my incessant attempts to find a hangover miracle cure. This weekend, I tried milk thistle, which according to this article will leave me with “No headache, no nausea, no desire to curl up into a ball and never move”.  Unfortunately it was not to be- although I maybe did not feel as 100% worthless as usual, I still experienced headaches, waves of nausea, extreme whineness and inability to control my emotions.

Last week I also hit a milestone- I ran my 100th mile since the beginning of 2014!


In January, I set myself a goal to run 600 miles by the Marathon (October 12th). I also made a deal with my husband that, for a little extra motivation, I am allowed to buy a new piece of workout clothing or gear every 50 miles I run.

I have taken this deal to heart, as evidenced by my bill at lululemon on Friday. I purchased a sweet pair of running tights on sale for $49 (which is a crazy steal for that store) as well as two more of their fly away tamer headbands, which I love because they, ya know, tame my fly-aways, which otherwise always whip into my eyes as I’m running.


Overall a successful trip, and a successful week in marathon training!




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