Cross Training

My usual workout routine is pretty varied in terms of activities. I’ve hopped on a lot of bandwagons, including:

In the last few years, I’ve mixed running with group fitness classes pretty evenly. But lately, I’ve been concentrating so much on getting my running routine down that I have not been keeping up with other forms of exercise*. I know that I need strong arms and a strong core to increase my running power and to prevent injuries. Right now I can barely do a push-up.

30 Rock


And so I have declared a new Holiday:


Big Reveal

Big Reveal

Every Tuesday, I’m going to get to the gym after work and take a class or two. Yesterday, for the inagural Cross Training Tuesday, I started with something called “Insanity”. Have you ever heard of Insanity? These classes all have crazy names and I figured it was just another version of the resistance training routines that I’ve attended many times. It’s probably a good thing that I had not heard of Insanity, because if I had I might not have gone. What I learned was that the class is basically 50 solid minutes of jumping:

What the professionals look like

It pretty much killed me. We did star jumps, alternating lunge jumps, criss-cross jumps, push-up jumps, crunch jumps, basically just take any workout move and add a jump. It made me sweaty/tired/hungry like crazy.

Then I decided to treat myself to a nice relaxing yoga session. I haven’t had a good long stretch in a while, so this was quite enjoyable.

I really need a dog.

*Sign you should not be writing a running blog: you spell exercise wrong every time.




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  1. My cross training last night was putting together a 200 lb IKEA bar. I can barely move this morning! (Maybe also because I had a hot & dirty martini with dinner?)

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