Up at Dawn

I wish I could say that after one good week of committed morning runs, it has become a routine habit. Unfortunately, I am back to hitting the snooze button every morning when my run alarm goes of at 5:20am.

You know what is the best thing about Dawn? The character named Dawn from the Babysitters Club Series. She was crunchy and fashionable and healthy in a super eighties, teased bangs kind of way:

Dawn Schafer

Raise your hand if you actually tried to start a babysitters club when you were eleven years old

But I digress. I’m still working on the morning thing. Rather than jump from waking up at 6:45 to 5:20 all at once, I’m trying to establish a wakeup time 15 minutes earlier each week. Last week I woke up at 6:30, this week 6:15, and so on until eventually I (hopefully) am naturally waking up early enough to run every morning. I need to get my morning runs established before the weather gets too hot to run in the afternoon.

The most helpful piece of advice I’ve received (from the internet) is this- when your alarm goes off:

I’m a pro at talking myself out of things. But if I repeat this mantra in my head “Don’t think, just do. Don’t think, just do. Dontthinkjustdo” before I have time to make excuses, I can occasionally force myself out of bed before I hit the snooze button (or worse, fall into the instagram/buzzfeed vortex).

Obviously I need a little extra motivation… enter breakfast burritos. My first encounter with breakfast burritos was a college tradition…. everyone would go to the Q’Doba in Broad Ripple after a night out at the bars for a giant egg, steak, and queso filled monster of a burrito. Actually, because I was too much of a wuss to have a fake ID, my friend M and I use to ride the drunk bus (totally sober) to Broad Ripple just to go to QDoba. Where we would wait in line with about half of Butler’s student population and talk about who was throwing up in the QDoba bathroom.

a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito


This version is sadly queso-less, in the name of health. I make a big batch and freeze them so that I have something hearty on hand in the morning to keep me full and energized throughout the day, and to sneak in some vegetables early. I put half of them in the freezer at work and half of them at home so I’m covered even if I’m running late.


-1 package of 8-10 large burrito sized tortillas (I used the wheat variety)

-16 oz carton of All Whites egg whites (or sub 10 eggs, beaten)

-Olive Oil cooking spray

-1 small zucchini, halved lengthwise and sliced 1/8 inch thick

-1 medium red bell pepper, diced

-1/2 yellow onion, diced

-salt and pepper to taste

-2 cups Gardien Beefless Ground

-1 teaspoon italian seasoning

-crushed red pepper (to taste)

-1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1. Spray a large skillet with cooking spray, add entire contents of All Whites carton. Using a spatula, keep stirring every 30 seconds until eggs are just heated through, about 5 minutes. Do not overcook. Transfer scrambled egg whites to a small bowl and set aside.

2. Spray skillet with cooking spray, add beefless ground, italian seasoning, and crushed red pepper. You’ll want to season generously as the stuff is pretty flavorless on its own. Saute until warmed through (stir constantly as it will stick to the pan easily), about 5 minutes. Transfer to a small bowl and set aside.

3. Spray skillet with cooking spray, add zucchini, onion, and bell pepper. Season with salt and pepper. Saute until onions turn translucent and vegetables begin to brown, about 10 minutes. Transfer to a small bowl and set aside.

4. Arrange Tortillas, eggs, beefless ground, sauteed vegetables, and chedder cheese in an assembly line on your workspace. Add about 2 tablespoons each of eggs, beefless grounds, and vegetables to each burrito. Top with 1 tablespoon of cheddar cheese.

Breakfast Burritos 1
5. Roll tortilla up- first roll halfway, then fold in sides, then finish roll.

Breakfast Burritos 4
6. Wrap each finished burrito in Saran Wrap, wax paper, or tinfoil. Store in plastic bag labeled with date and contents.

Breakfast Burritos 5

To reheat, microwave for 45 seconds, flip, and microwave for an additional 45 seconds. Or if you have time, heat on a dry  skillet for about 2 minutes on each side for a crispy grilled burrito.



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