Finding a Running Club

Recently I’ve been looking for a running buddy. Running the same old routes by myself day after day gets a little old.  My friend H, who recently moved to a new city, has had great luck finding a friendly and supportive running group to go on training runs and travel to races with. After asking around at a local running store, I found out about the Wabash River Running Club. They host a few yearly races and organize free training runs several days a week.

I was a little intimidated initially, I expected this “official” running club to be full of experienced, elite athletes. I was pretty sure things would end up like this:

puppy stretch

So when I attended a training run on Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly group of mixed abilities. They were so welcoming and I got a bunch of new running technique and route tips! I’m planning to continue to join weekly training runs and attend their events.

Last night, WRRC hosted the first race of it’s Farmer’s Market 5k Series. On the third Wednesday of the month from May-September, you can compete in a timed 5k around Cumberland Park. I’m planning to use these races as speed workouts, and to track my progress leading up to the marathon.

photo 1 (1)

It was VERY muggy last night- one of the hottest days yet this spring. I tried to push myself, and managed an average pace of 8:28, finishing in 26:15. I’m not going to lie- it was a hard run. My heart rate was pretty much the highest it’s ever been, and I felt like I was going faster than I actually was. I have a long way to go if I want to maintain a pace only slightly slower than that for 26 miles in October. Maybe I need to re-adjust my goal times.

Anyways, it was a fun event. I ran behind these two goobers for a good part of the race, so my mind was pleasantly distracted with daydreams of running with my future puppy.

photo 2

Afterwards, I needed some fuel to recover- you know what that means:

photo 4

Extra sprinkles.


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