Weekend Update

SNL Weekend Update

Everyone is so excited about my weekend

I had a busy and fantastic holiday weekend. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it.

Started off on Saturday morning with my long run- 7 miles this week- with the Wabash River Run Club. The regular runners said they were taking the river trail “up to the cars” and back. I thought they were talking about a parking lot, but turns out there are actually some old cars on the side of the trail- kinda cool if you like old junk.

trail car trail car 2


After my run and a quick shower and some frantic packing, I got in the car to head to a bridal shower/girls weekend for my friend C in Ohio.


After I was on the road for a while, I realized that in my hurry to get out the door, I had forgotten to change into the sandals I had planned to wear with my dress. I was wearing bright red garden clogs:


Luckily my friend K let me borrow an extra pair of her shoes so I didn’t look like a clown.

After the shower, we adjourned to K’s farmhouse where we played my favorite game- Cards Against Humanity. Did you know that rather than buying the game for like $25, you can just print it off their website for free? My genius friend M let me in on this fun fact.

Cards against humanity

I had also made a Pinata for C. She told me that her favorite animal was a giraffe, but as it turns out, giraffe pinatas are hard to find. So I had to improvise:

unicorn pinata





His name was Gilly and he met a violent death at the hands of M. (Sorry this post is not PG). He was filled with plastic wine bottles, candy necklaces, and Lara Bars, because we are old.

We of course had some strawberry margarita jello shots, which were a little too tasty (I actually think someone forgot the tequila):

Strawberry Margarita shots

Strawberry Margarita Shots

Don’t worry though, I came prepared with the antidote for a night of drinking:


I get terrible hangovers, so I don’t drink very often. But when I do, I always chug a big bottle of Pedialyte before I go to bed. I figure if it’s FDA approved for kids with diarrhea, it can’t hurt me. Plus it actually has less sugar and additives than your plain old Gatorade.

On my day off on Monday, Sam & I decided we needed a little adventure, so we drove down to Turkey Run State Park for some day-hiking.

Turkey Run

We were really pleasantly surprised with the park- lots of neat canyons and plenty of trails. We want to go back for canoeing or floating sometime.

turkey run bridge

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend as much as we did!



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