Good Form

I just want to say, there is an appalling lack of Hook GIFs on the internet.

Let’s all just remember how the Dustin Hoffman Hook always said “Good Form, Jack!” God I love that movie.

My Eyebrow Idol

Anywho, I am here today to talk about good running form.  Last week, I participated in a Good Form Running Clinic with the folks at Tri-N-Run, a great local running store. In addition to offering a variety of shoes and gear, Tri-N-Run hosts training runs and races in the community. Glad to learn more about them.

For the form clinic was led by Tri-N-Run experts Sam & Travis. They started us out with a quick run to gauge our starting point, which Sam recorded on her iPad. Then they took us through the basics of good form:

1. Posture

You want to look something like this

Keep in mind while you’re running:

  • Head is looking forward, not down at the ground
  • Stand tall as if a string is attached to your head
  • Shoulders comfortably back, not hunched forward
  • Arms moving straight back and forth, not accross your body (this one is hard for me, I guess I run a little bit twisty)

They suggested that every once in a while you clap your hands straight overhead to “reset” your posture

2. Strike

The best part of football

You actually want to hit the pavement midfoot when running. Try marching (like you are in a marching band) to get the feel. Apparently I strike too much on my heel.

3. Cadence

Get on up, It’s RUNNING time

Cadence is the rhythm of your feet hitting the ground- you don’t want too long or too short of a stride. The ideal cadence (for most people) is around 180. To improve your cadence, you can download a metronome app and try to match your steps to it while you run.  My cadence tends to be pretty good because I have short little legs.

4. Lean

Lean In

So true Sheryl

Lastly, you want to lean forward from your ankles- don’t bend at the waste. Pretend like your superman and use gravity to propel you forward.

Our group practicing doing a drill against the wall to practice leaning while running (that's me in blue)

Our group practicing doing a drill against the wall to practice leaning while running (that’s me in blue)

After we reviewed the elements of good form, they took another video of us running to see if we had improved. Pretty cool experience all in all- you can review these tips and more at the Good Form Running site.

The next day I tried putting these pointers into practice on my five mile run. I found that for the most part, I forgot all about my form. It’s hard to keep thinking about all these things while you are running. But every once in a while, I would realize that my arms weren’t straight, or that my shoulder’s were getting slouchy, and would “reset” a bit. It’s something I’ll have to keep working on.



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