Marathon Training

Hydration Help

Drinking my daily recommended amount of water has always been hard for me.

This cat understands

It’s just not a habit for me to drink from a cup or water bottle during the day, especially at work. For one, I have a thing about public restrooms. I rarely, if at all, use the restroom at work. Don’t even get me started on porta potties. And so I think I have subconsciously trained myself not to drink too much during the day.

It’s harder than it looks

I drink most of my water during meals, probably 2 big glasses with dinner and lunch. But I’m definitely not getting my recommended daily dose of H2O (see, I can do science), and I think that may be contributing to the sluggishness I feel while I’m running even short distances, despite having been running consistently for over a month now.

struggle pup

So I’ve decided to make it a priority. There is a lot of variation among experts on how much water we should be drinking. According to different guidelines, I came up with everything from 64 to 118 ounces.  I’m going to set my goal right in the middle at 90 ounces a day, since I’m consistently working out in high temps. I just downloaded an app called Waterlogged to help me keep track of how much I’m drinking, especially at work.


You just tap the water bottle every time you finish a drink. It strikes me that this would also be useful for a night at the bars. It’s kind of like a drinking game, except with water. And no prizes or competition. I mean, it’s no flip cup….

But anyways, here’s to clear pee!

Thanks for supporting me Leo






Yesterday, as I was driving through the mountains on my way home from Virginia (more on that later), I got some exciting news: I won the lottery! Not the one where they give you all of the money though. This is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon lottery. Apparently, so many people are jumping onto the marathon bandwagon (myself included) that they have to distribute the 45,000 entries at random. Now that I think of it, this is the exact opposite of your traditional lottery. Congratulations, you’ve won the right to run 26+ miles, and you have to pay us $185 for the pleasure of doing so! Negative jackpot.

Winning 4.18.14

I don’t think I’m properly conveying my excitement though. I mean, first of all, winning things is awesome. That kind of competitive thinking is what I love about running races in the first place. Secondly, if I hadn’t gotten the lottery entry, I would have had to run on a charity team, and while there are some very deserving causes participating, I am a fundraiser by profession and I don’t know that I need that added responsibility right now.

Not to mention that I have really been looking forward to conquering the marathon this year. Last May I ran my first half marathon. As I was running those last three miles, all I was thinking was “I will never run a marathon. I will never run a marathon”. It was my mantra. 13 miles was painful enough, and I could not imagine putting myself through it twice in a row. But somehow, after a couple of months, that pain was been trumped by the lure of conquering the big one: the 26.2 mile marathon. The truth is, I know I can do it. I enjoy challenging myself, and this is a big, once in a lifetime, bucket list kind of challenge.

So on Sunday, October 12, 2014, approximately 6 months from today, I will be in Chicago running the race of my life with two of my best friends. Here
goes nothing.